Triburg warehouse offers an extensive range of temperature sensitive storage facilities, which ensure the freshness of products. It is a crucial component of product supply chain for end user customers and our clients. With a unique design and infrastructure combined with selective, double deep, bulk storage, and VNA Racking, Triburg Cold Warehouse optimized space and keep the integrity of product through out.

We have one of the most sophisticated and up-to-date cold storage in the UAE. We are compliant with international laws and standards of food safety storage of frozen products, frozen meats, dairy items, fruits and vegetables, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, beverages, and other temperature sensitive products. 

We Guarantee the Protection of Your Product by Offering

Extensively monitored, 24/7 temperature controlled facility to our clients

Value-added logistic and warehouse services including cargo distribution, freezer, dry storage, cooler and blast freezing.

Within our storage facility, you will find experienced operators, forklift services, container loading and unloading personnel.

We provide flexibility of storage in terms of time period from daily, monthly, and weekly to annual.

The store is able to receive and place goods anytime of the day due to the presence of on-site technician and experienced operational staff 24/7.

What we offer?

  • Controlled Storage and Superior Cargo Handling
  • Risk bearing of your products
  • Protection of all the goods
  • Processing and clearance services
  • Branding and grading
  • Cross Docking of temperature sensitive items
  • Transportation in a suitable vehicle
  • Packaging and labelling
  • Palletizing and crafting

Need of Cold Storage

The climate of the UAE is extremely hot with desert air. This scenario necessitates every company to store their goods at a maxim temperature of +25 °C, to preserve the freshness and quality of food products and the optimum health of end user.

Locating conveniently at the accessible area of Jebel Ali Free Zone, Triburg Cold Storage cater to the bulk of clients by offering 3 chambers that are fully temperature controlled and keep the cargo in the range of +18 to +25°C.

Right next to our Ambient storage warehouse, we have a food storage facility with VNA Racking of more than 10,000 pallet positions. If you prefer chamberized storage for your products, it will benefit you in the long run as it offers greater control over specified temperature and humidity, which are monitor and mapped on hourly basis. 

We have years of expertise in food logistics, that is why we ensure the integrity of each unit you place at our facility. Each member dealing with your product is fully trained and can easily handle all the operational needs of food products. We also offer time-sensitive details management to monitor crucial expiry dates and shelf-life requirements. Let us save your time and money by offering allocation planning to reduce wastage.