Rahul Grover
Managing Director, Blue Star MENA ( Dubai, UAE)
I am writing this recommendation for Sakhi and her team at Triburg Freight services LLC. I had tendered and won a very important project. Once confirmed, we had 15 days to produce the goods and freight them here; a massively unrealistic task. I contacted Sakhi and she put me in touch with Zaki. The wonderful Zaki. He followed up with me on a Friday morning and also made sure there weren't any delays. For that I thank Triburg and their team for a great service and incredible customer care. I look forward to working with them in the near future.
Nozer Sabavala
Finance Director
We have been working with Triburg for quite some time now, and the customer service is just excellent. Our company makes dry food which needs to be kept at the right temperature to stop it from going bad. The storage facilities at Triburg is premium level, and we would suggest it to everyone.
Finance Director
Our firm works with cosmetics and personal care products, and we are extremely satisfied with the storage facility given to us by Triburg. All our products are stored and packed perfectly, and we will continue to work with you.
Managing Director

We recently required to store a large number of furniture and electronic goods, and Triburg was more than helpful with the process. We are glad that we worked with this company as they are completely professional in their work and very customer-centric. We could always contact them with any difficulty that we faced.

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