Mr. M.B. Mallya, Managing Director of the Triburg Group of Companies (which he co-founded in 1981)

When I started out in the world of work, I learned that the key to delivering a high-quality product on time was a detail-oriented approach to both the product and the processes. As one of the founders of Triburg, we formed to bridge the gap between well-known US retail brands and apparel & accessories’ manufacturers. It is always important to deliver a little more than the customer expects.  I was driven by this philosophy, and formed a team of qualified staff who was similarly aligned. My valued team and I upheld both our client’s high standards as well as our suppliers’ needs, both were well supported.

In the mid-nineties, adapting to a change in demand, Triburg expanded into the field of Third Party Logistics and I’m proud to say that today our extremely hard-working team has made a name for itself by continuing to adopt this same detail-oriented approach to Supply Chain Services that ensured our success as in the years before.  We are all closely aligned with this vision and work to ensure that this is stamped on everything we do.

In today’s rapidly changing times, we continue to strive to improve with our detail-oriented approach to products and processes in all our businesses. We look forward to welcoming you on board in Partnership with Triburg so that we may share with you the wealth of benefits that this approach has afforded us.

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