General Manager

 "The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit" - Nelson Henderson

I was fortunate enough to join Triburg, a company with similarly aligned objectives. The opportunity to satisfy the needs of both our clients and employees is an immensely rewarding feeling as Triburg employees are empowered to create an essential support system for our clients’ businesses.

In this pursuit of fulfilling my duties, I embarked on a journey where I learned in great detail the recipe of a great organization; Quality Assurance, Process Implementation, Customer Service Enhancement, Cost Effective Operations, People Management and the most important of all; Continuous Improvement. We relentlessly work on all these ingredients so we can provide the highest quality of service and solutions to our clients. To be at the forefront of our industry we are constantly upgrading, innovating and adapting our processes, systems, skills, and services.

At Triburg, we commit to understanding your Supply Chain needs, by creating a Value Chain based on your customized processes with dedicated professional teams in cost effective ways to run your business like our own. Triburg is equipped to handle your needs and demands and committed to continually adapt and innovate as those demands and needs change over time.

We thank you for selecting us as your Logistics Services Provider. We position ourselves to connect your business to your customers, suppliers and most importantly to become your most valuable partner for success.

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