“The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts.” – Gestalt Psychology, sometimes attributed to Aristotle.

When I officially joined the business in 2011, it was a strange combination of coming home and an intimidating new challenge – as my prior work experience had not been in the logistics industry. Triburg has always been an important presence in my life – from the beginning, I learned from the seniors at Triburg, talk about the triumphs, challenges, and the daily workings of the company and the valued team who make it the incredible organization that it is.

I now truly understand the meaning of the above quote - over the last eight years at Triburg Freight Services, I’m honored to have gained an insight into the different areas of the business that make it a Like any business, the logistics and supply chain is made up of many interlocking parts and functions that, when working together create a synergistic being that is more than just the different parts that constitute it.

Therefore, I believe in the importance of looking at the bigger picture to understand the ‘Whole’ of Triburg’s offering – how our valued team, their time, efforts, spirit, and contributions, as well as the practical elements of the services that we offer our customers all interact to create an overall experience that has our clients staying in long-term partnerships with us.

We would welcome you to partner with us as a logistics service provider who works to understand not only the “whole” of your supply chain needs, but also how these interact to create the overall experience that your company seeks to give your clients as well.

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