All companies are continually seeking methods to reduce costs as well as streamline their business operations, all the while attaining a broader market. As global trade is rapidly expanding, savvy companies understand the need for reliable partners in order to stay competitive. As such, it is imperative to form a valuable partnership with your distributor. Let’s dive into understanding who are third-party logistics providers (3PL) and the benefits associated with them.

A 3PL provider helps in eliminating the costs involved in owning warehouse

What Is A 3PL?

Generally, a third-party logistics supplier works as a middleman service to deliver the manufactured goods to the end-user. An expanding business may have an unanticipated requirement of additional warehouse space in order for them to store inventory, while it is on halt, waiting to leave for shipment. However, warehouse space can be expensive, and as a growing company, you wouldn’t want to risk bearing these additional costs. As such, a 3PL provider helps in eliminating the costs involved in owning and operating your warehouse. Ideally, they are known to store goods of a business until they are ready for delivery. Since they are versatile in nature, they have other purposes as well. Some run their storage facilities, help companies with freight and distribution, while some specialize in specific industries. It includes storage for dry foods as well as cold storage.

What Are Its Benefits?

A 3PL can offer distribution to companies in any region

As 3PL providers continue to fine-tune their offerings and refine them, they are able to offer additional benefits to businesses. Whether you are a newbie or a growing business, you must take into consideration the following benefits. It helps in streamlining distribution as well as improves performance.

Grow in New Markets

Some businesses are expanding to the point where they find the need to take their profitability a notch higher. Here is where logistics by a third party plays an important role. They can promote global trade, and they can meet the demands and regulations. As such, they can offer distribution to companies in any region.

Optimize Your Vision

When you work with a 3PL company, you can pay attention to your strengths, which are manufacturing products and delivering premium service to your customers. In a similar manner, the 3PL stays focused on continuously optimizing their process. These constant tweaks alleviate the load on companies, further allowing them to deliver efficient and streamlined services.

Time Savers

They eliminate the load created on manufacturers through distribution and warehousing. The act of setting up your distribution and warehouse can result in being time-consuming. When you work with a 3PL, they have the process in place, so you have the freedom to scale as and when required.


Every company has experienced peak periods and slow times at some point in life. Since having your warehouse can prove to be costly, it can be challenging to make any changes, primarily when your client seeks an amendment. You are at an advantage when you partner with a reputable 3PL service as you can scale it according to your needs. 

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