For international and national logistics, a company must go through the custom clearance for safety and security reasons. If an organization fails to adequately integrate all the regulatory laws lead to slow operations, performance and costly fines. There is a distinct diversity among regions and countries when it comes to transportation, import, export, custom declarations and in-transit. Triburg has a team of experts already working on several projects of custom clearance. We understand the local regulation and requirements and we have the ability to extract critical data from trading partners and your organization.

Why Choose Us

  • We make the process of clearance streamlined without any hassle. We provide services for in-transit filings, across the region
  • We take care of the documentations required by custom department of Dubai from filing support to receiving legal clearance.
  • We can gather data from several parties and easily integrate it for official filing

At Triburg, we have a dedicated team of fully licensed and highly qualified professionals who are ready to deliver a complete range of legalized custom clearance services in Dubai for your consignment. We can save your valuable time by completing proficient local procedures.

Our services

  • Assistance in the arrangement of transportation
  • Providing suggestions related to labelling and packaging
  • Managing and organizing insurance
  • Classifying the duties required for merchandise
  • Relaying customs regulations in Dubai
  • Calculating the cost

In the UAE, the calculation of custom duty is done at the rate of 5% on VIF value. However, there are instances where custom service is able to state their own estimated rate on the goods. The fees and commission is also dutiable. Only those companies who have valid trade licenses and Custom Codes of Dubai are allowed import their goods. It is crucial that your company should partner with a legal entity with experience in local market such as Triburg.

Documents Required

Air Freight

  • List of packaging
  • Original invoice which is stamped and signed

Sea Freight

  • List of packaging
  • Original invoice which is stamped and signed
  • Certificate of Origin (original) which is issued by Chamber of Commerce

If you don’t have original documents, custom will impose a USD 275 fine which can be claimed back if you get to manage original certificate of origin and invoice within 30 days. 

We are able to handle all level of shipments and freights from single-line to complex multi-product. Contact us today to get the detailed consultations from our advisor. 

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