​In search of the right managed storage space in Dubai to store and manage your goods and products? As one of the premier third-party logistics providers (3PL) in the UAE, we seek to help our customers with a fast, flexible, and efficient warehouse and storage service. Whether it be a short-term storage requirement or a long-term one, our fully equipped warehouse facility located in the Jebel Ali Free Zone, is capable of handling and storing all types of cargo and goods. In addition to rendering an efficient storage service, we extend our managed warehouse services at flexible and extremely competitive market rates. Our warehouse and storage spaces are equipped with 24-hour CCTV cameras and industry-recommended alarm systems, making it an ideal storage space for you to rent in Dubai. To learn more about our warehouse service and efficient storage solutions, contact our team today.

Storage Space and Warehouse Facility Dubai

Our Storage Service Inclusions

Our purpose-designed storage facilities are tailor-made for warehousing purposes and capable of handling all types of products. We also do have a cold storage facility for rent in the Jebel Ali free zone, by which you can safely store temperature-sensitive goods such as chocolate and other food products. Our ideal storage solutions are what contributes to making us the most sought-after storage service provider. Listed below are some of the major offerings under our storage and warehouse service in Dubai:

  • Stuffing & De-Stuffing of Containers
  • Pick, Pack, Dispatch, and Distribution of Cargo
  • Palletisation and Shrink-wrapping
  • Stickering/Labelling
  • Fumigation & Pest Control
  • Quality Irregularity and Discrepancy Reporting
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Cycle and Perpetual Stock Counting
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicators) Reporting
  • Production / Expiry Date Monitoring (for food products)
  • Demand Planning & Allocation

Why Choose Triburg?

With more than two decades of experience, we here at Triburg has built up a reputation for delivering a high-quality warehouse and storage space rental service in Dubai. Ranked amongst the best storage facilities, when you choose us, rest assured you are in safe hands. Although we do handle the storage requirements of all types of cargo, we predominately focus on Food storage and handling.

Clients who are hoping to import food products in Dubai and other parts of UAE can seek Triburg’s assistance for the following food registration activities (mandatory for all food products that are to be imported into the UAE):

 Item 1

New Product Barcode Registration & Label Approvals.

 Item 2

Documentation (Health Certificate, Certification of Origin, Invoice & Packing List for Export Activities).

 Item 3

Municipality Clearance and Inspection Facilitation.

 Item 4

Lab Test Facilitation.

Another industry that can significantly benefit from our specialist storage services in Dubai is the Electronics & Engineering industry. Listed are some of the benefits that clients from the IT industry can enjoy by choosing Triburg:

  • Reverse Logistics and Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Management
  • Spare Parts Inventory Management (including pick, pack, and dispatch – an activity that is extremely beneficial for clients dealing with apparel & related accessories)

Why the Choose Triburg

Warehouse Management System

One of Triburg Freight Service’s great sources of strength (besides our people) is what ties all our services and processes together – our Warehouse Management System EXACTUS™ ‘AWARE®.’ With Aware, we can track cargo at all levels (from single pallet cargo to full tailer loads), from its arrival into our storage warehouse in the Jebel Ali free zone to processing and final execution of outbound orders.

AWARE® is inherently customizable, which affords us great flexibility when adapting to each client’s specific needs. Some of the benefits that AWARE® brings to Triburg’s clients are:

Access to Real-Time Data with Instant Reports

Clients are provided with log-in details to check their stock details – an invaluable tool when you are planning for their future sale.

EDI Connectivity Capabilities

Clients juggling a high frequency of orders can benefit from EDI connectivity available within our warehouse, enhanced by a smooth channel of communication to reduce processing time and increase productivity.

Radio Frequency ID and Barcode ID Scanning

Every cargo that enters our storage space in Dubai is entered into AWARE® through the cargo’s scanned bar codes/RFIDs. It is then linked to the pallet locations where the shipment is stored and enables us to track cargo at multiple levels – i.e., cubic meter, pallet, carton, or a stock-keeping unit.

Smooth Integration with Other Departments

Our finance department accurately tracks the movement of cargo from one stage of the supply chain to the next. Clients will be provided with accurate and on-time invoices for the services that they avail from our warehouse, freight forwarding, promotional packaging, VAS, and transportation departments.

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