Confectionary products have a unique set of warehousing and distribution needs. At Triburg, we manage and secure all components of distribution of confectioneries to major retailers. We assist our prestigious clients from receiving shipments, providing optimum storage to logistic, at an affordable rate. Our warehouse provides the specialized temperature-controlled environment with the latest machinery which is a necessity for confectionary industry.

Keeping the hot weather of Emirates in mind, we have designed our warehouse in climate control manners which can easily maintain the freshness of your confections and dry food products. We have a team of specialists who maintain the required temperature 24 hours a day to ensure the safety of your stored products.

Why Choose Us

Triburg is leading the fleet of all warehouse service providers in the UAE. We are already working with renowned candy and other confectionary companies. We can easily consolidate loads through our wide network, which help reducing the delivery cost.

We have a cross dock agents which also reduce the operating and handling cost and provide a fast turnaround. If you are an international overseas company, we can keep your product safe in our temperature controlled drayage from starting point of port to last time delivery.

We are utilizing updated technologies which offer a real-time visibility of inventory so it will be easy to allocate it. We are scalable to meet the requirements of holidays confectionary and food products storage.

Our Services

  • Management of logistics, raw materials, finished goods
  • Offer customized plans to fulfill specific requirements
  • Temperature controlled transport and climate control storage
  • FDA-compliant facilities for each food-grade
  • Capability of tracing lot
  • Value-added services of warehouse to provide final product configuration

Temperature Control Facility

We have one of the largest infrastructures in Dubai to maintain cold temperature for various confectionary and food products during storage and transportation. We maintain the required temperature ranges all over the facility 24/7 to ensure the freshness and integrity of your product.


We have reduced the cost of logistics through consolidations which cut own the retails charges. We are also able to decrease your inbound freight cost by accepting huge distribution shipments and break them into organized pallets to facilitate last mile delivery.

Contact us today and we will provide you state of the art solutions to keep your shipment intact, your confectionary and dry food products fresh, and timely delivery of your stock.

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