The beauty and cosmetic industry is associated with picky customers who are largely concerned about their lifestyle. With so many brands available, people tend not to grasp the idea of their favorite products place in the supply chain environment. But to maintain the integrity of your product, you need to store them at specific atmosphere before distribution. There is also a chance of theft and packaging damage. If a perfume is of high quality and value, the chances of theft and loss increase.

Triburg offers state-of-the-art facility for the storage of perfumes and cosmetics in Dubai. We provide a full range of services for recording, labeling, processing and storage of your precious items at our warehouse. 

Extra Care During Storage

Each item of cosmetic and perfume is exposed to a level of abrasion during the stages of supply chain. Especially skincare products are useless and unsellable if the container split open. We offer a significant shelf storage that eliminate the chances of product damage. Providing extra level of care during transportation and distribution, we make sure that your products remain intact so that you don’t have to reduce the value.

Some skincare products are also vulnerable to extreme temperature. We provide climate-controlled facility to eliminate this problem. We make sure that consistency of your product remain the same throughout the shelf-life. Providing ambient environment, Triburg is the best solution for your cosmetic storage needs. A little extra care from company to shopping malls can leave a huge impact.

Our Logistic Facility

Logistic is undoubtedly a key to success as it is a constant effort within a specific time frame. We are located in a convenient location of Jebel Ali Freezone, which make us accessible all over the UAE. Providing logistic support to various renowned brand, we can ensure the quality and integrity of your products while they are stored, transported or distributed on our behalf.

With more than 10000 palletizer, rack and shelves, and having a security check for the protection, our trained staff remain on the floor 24/7. We provide economic efficiency and cost-effective solutions to our clients. You can count on us when it comes to efficient operating facility with sustainable temperatures and suitable warehousing conditions.

Pick, Pack and Deliver on Time

We provide the services of picking up your delivery right from the doorstep, store it in a reliable facility, and distribute it on time. We also have an organized inventory control, which enable us to keep an eye on expiry dates and shelf-life. We have the most flexible freight forwarders who can help our clients to track and trace the consignment till the time of delivery.

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