We at Triburg, strive to deliver the best for our customers. We are providing the top-notch services of storage for spare parts, apparel, and various other accessories to meet the needs of long-time residents, new settlers, growing business and established companies in UAE. Our storage and warehousing facilities are highly affordable, cost-effective for both professional and personal requirements.

We have a huge facility with temperature control features to comply with the specific attributes of your products. We take painstaking care 24/7 to fulfill every immediate need and prospect requirements of our prestigious clients to make the experience of storage satisfied and happy one.

We are leading the fleet of warehouse service providers due to our huge spectrum of storage solutions and convenient location in Dubai. We have a wide array of choices for our clients to choose from.

What We Offer

  • Extreme flexibility in pick up, packaging and shipping enable us to store each spare part, every apparel, and any other accessory optimally as per specifications.
  • We offer carton, dedicated pallet racks, pallet flow racks, or in bulk storage options. 
  • We also offer shipment and clearance services for your cargo.
  • We utilize time-tested and reliable network of global agents to deliver your products on time. 
  • Our team members are experienced with years of regional and local market knowledge require for every shipment to the delivery of freight door to door.

Spare Parts Warehouse Solution

Our warehouse can easily store all of your automotive spare parts through our unique shelving system. We can integrate various accessories into a single storage facility that fully corresponds with your needs. We store

  • Small parts: Ranging from screws to little nuts and bolts, we have storage bins and various other shelf dividers.
  • Hanging items: Car mats which come with a hanger, fan belts and wipers can easily be hanged on a rail
  • Bulky items: Exhaust pipes, car glass, tyres, rims, and windscreens can get secure storage solution at our facility.

Apparel Storage

Triburg clothing area is custom built to meet your warehouse, dry cleaning, factory items or retail storage requirements. We are a simple solution provider for garment companies. With our state-of-the-art speed rail, carousels, screw conveyors, and organized sorting, we can easily load and unload your shipments and keep them secure. We have engineered multi-tier facility of racks that are designed to efficiently, safely and ergonomically increase the storage capacity.

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